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Beginners SUP Skills Course
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Cruiser SUP Skills Course

Beginners SUP Skills Course

A 4-week beginners’ course covering all the fundamentals of Stand-Up Paddle boarding. This course covers all of the basic SUP paddling skills as well as SUP rescue and sea safety skills.

Islandmagee SUP is approved to the deliver the internationally recognised ASI SUP Wise Activ program.

Paddling can look easy when you see paddler on the water who knows what they are doing. That effortless gliding along the water does not come without an understanding of key concepts in paddling, the correct stance, paddling technique and developing efficiency in the paddling stroke.

Getting caught in a current, a sudden change of weather, hidden obstacles and moving water traffic along with many other things can lead to unexpected and sometime serious consequences. To stay safe you need to know how to evaluate the hazards in the environment and manage your risk.

The ASI SUP Wise Activ course will provide skill development and knowledge that is essential to paddle safely, efficiently and maximise the fun with your paddling experiences.

It will provide you with…

-an understanding of the hazards and risks around paddling and how to avoid them and paddle safely.

-skill development and coaching in the basics of how to enter the water, start paddling, fall off safely, get back on your board, turn or stop.

-Additional tips, skills options and mastery of the five stages of the paddle stroke and other valuable turning skills

-Over the 4-weeks you will develop from “Starter” to “Improver” to “Cruiser” and with a bit of practice you will be ready for our Cruiser SUP skills course next!!


Cruiser SUP Skills Course

A course for confident paddlers who want to learn to explore and be equipped for touring, by learning essential skills for paddling in exposed waters and how to confidently plan a tour.

A 4-week course designed for individuals who already have some experience and want to push their skills to the next level.

Maybe you have your own board and want to learn how to improve your technique and be able to go for longer tours safely and quickly?

Maybe you have completed our 4-week beginners course or had some lessons before and want to continue to develop your skills?

Small groups limited to 1 instructor with up to 8 individuals.


what's Included...

Experienced & Qualified Instructor

Paddle-BOARD & paddle




Important Water Safety Skills

What to Bring with You

Wetsuit (if possible)

Swimwear to wear under Wetsuit

Wetsuit Boots or Old Shoes

Towel / Changing Robe

Sun Protection 


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