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Lighthouse Tour
Portmuck & Browns Bay
The Gobbins

Blackhead Lighthouse

We offer guided SUP tours along the beautiful coastline from Whitehead to Blackhead Lighthouse.

Paddling alongside the newly restored Blackhead Coastal Path leading to Blackhead Lighthouse is truly a bucket list paddle.

With breath-taking views of the Iconic lighthouse while at the same time being able to look over to Scotland this SUP tour is not to be missed. 

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Portmuck & Browns Bay

A guided SUP tour along the beautiful Islandmagee coastline with many hidden gems, including a popular spot to encounter dolphins, porpoises and seals so look out.

Launching from Portmuck Harbour we will pass the Isle of Muck, which is an Ulster Wildlife bird sanctuary and a nesting place for many protected seabirds. A notable population of breeding seabirds including razorbill, guillemot, puffin, kittiwake and fulmar. Harbour Porpoises, bottle nose dolphins and seals are also seen regularly off the coast of Portmuck. The tombolo (a bar that extends outward from the shore, connecting with an island) between Isle of Muck and the mainland is the only such feature on the open coast of Northern Ireland.

We will then make our way along the coastline towards Browns Bay. This stretch of coastline is an Area of Special Scientific Interest due to its unique rock and fossil formations. Portmuck contains the best exposure of the Cretaceous Hibernian formation in Northern Ireland, the only occurrence of the mineral sodalite in Ireland and the international type locality of Gobbinsite.

Along the coastline there are also many small coves and waterfalls to explore. If conditions are right we will pass Skernaghan point and stop off at Browns Bay beach for a short break before setting off on our return journey.


The Gobbins

The Gobbins cliff path, first opened in 1902, was hailed as a “perfect marvel of engineering” and was once the most popular tourist attraction in the Country until it was closed in the run up to World War 2.

The acclaimed cliff path was fully restored for re-opening in 2016 and has again become a very popular attraction.

Our SUP tour offers the chance to see the Gobbins path from another perspective. Setting off from either Portmuck or Whitehead we explore the unique coastline of Islandmagee with its hidden waterfalls and caves before reaching the Gobbins path.

The cliffs at The Gobbins play host to Northern Ireland’s ONLY mainland colony of puffins. And this biodiverse area welcomes more than just puffins. Other winged creatures that feed and play here include kittiwakes, shags, guillemots, razorbills and, from time to time, a peregrine falcon. Alert paddlers might just well spot cormorants diving for fish in the Irish Sea. This is a once in a lifetime SUP tour not to be missed.

what's Included...

Experienced & Qualified Instructor


Basic Paddling Skills

Breath-taking views

Paddle BOARD & paddle



Important Water Safety Skills

What to Bring with You

Wetsuit (if possible)

Swimwear to wear under Wetsuit

Wetsuit Boots or Old Shoes

Towel / Changing Robe

Sun Protection 


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